Tijana Grumić


Year of journey:

“I’m someone who’s afraid of water, but also someone who believes that you should constantly put yourself out of your comfort zone in order to learn something new. That’s how I decided to apply for Hans Farmont Stiftung Summer School. It was such an unique experience I believe will hardly ever happen again. I’ve learned a lot, not only about the world and how other people see it, about sailing and the sea, but, most imortantly, about myself as well. Don’t miss this chance, because things will never be the same after this amazing adventure!”

Tijana Grumić

Tijana Grumić (1993) is Serbian playwright and dramaturg. In 2016 she graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade at the department of dramaturgy and playwriting where she finished her master studies as well. She is currently undertaking her PhD at the same faculty.

She writes both for adults and for TYA and her plays were staged in several theatres around Serbia. Tijana is laureate of the 14th ‘Borislav Mihajlović Mihiz’ award for the so far accomplishments and work in the field of playwriting (2018). She has been a participant of several international theatre exchanges and residencies.

Apart from her work in the theatre, for a couple of years now, she’s been working as an educator at Petnica Science Center where she is the head of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities. Tijana lives and works in Belgrade.