Unity can only be achieved if we bring people from Europe together and understand them as community

Call for Applications


New application round starting spring 2023!

Applications are open to persons between 18 and 25 years, who are in training (academic or operational) as well as young professionals whose main place of residence is in Europe. By Europe we understand all current and potential member states of the European Union. Required is civic engagement for example in form of volunteer work, thorough knowledge of English, and the willingness to sail with a team. The main topic of discourse for 2022 will be “Europe is lost”.


Required application documents:

The deadline for the application is 16th of March, 2022.

  • CV (chronological, in bullet points, english or german), please make sure to list civic engagement
  • Completed application form
  • Answer the question: “What does it mean to you to feel European? (form, medium and length are not restricted)
  • A suggestion for a keynote speech on the topic “Europe is lost“. (These will be part of the accompanying programme and will be used as introductions for the panel discussions. The speeches should not be longer than 15 minutes and should serve as impulsion for a debate. Please explain with max. 500 words the topic you would like to discuss.

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Application Summer School

Please fill out the PDF and send it with the required documents to: