The objective of the Farmont Foundation is to fortify the bonds and galvanise the unity of Europe’s youth.

About Us

The Farmont Foundation aims to strengthen the network and social cohesion between young people in Europe.


We want to inspire people to build a diverse and strongly united Europe.


We want to provide young people in Europe with the opportunity to shape their future and advocate for a united and peaceful continent.

Supporting young people who advocate for a tolerant and open-minded Europe is incredibly important to us. We strive to provide them with different opportunities to connect, learn, and grow together. As a German foundation, countering the erosion of confidence in the European idea is not merely in our self-interest; we view it as part of our historical responsibility.

For a Europe characterised by cooperation.

In an era when a lack of confidence in Europe threatens its future, the foundation aims to strengthen further awareness of European values such as the rule of law, the welfare state, democracy, and civic liberty. The foundation aims to oppose nationalistic movements and extremist right-wing ideologies while advocating for a Europe defined by cooperation, unity, and clear-cut values.

Fostering new ideas to tackle present and future challenges.

Unity can only be achieved if we bring the people of Europe together to understand them as one community, or in other words, one crew aboard the same ship. For this reason, we facilitate essential exchanges among young people in Europe through our summer school aboard the foundation's yacht. During these sessions, we navigate the delicate equilibrium between the societal common good and individual freedom, as well as the interplay between compromise and innovative vision. We strongly believe that only through promoting diversity within society can we successfully generate new ideas to overcome present and future challenges.

The Farmont Foundation was established in 2008 by the German entrepreneur Hans Farmont. Following his passing, his wife, Marlene Farmont, assumed the role of management. Driven by his experiences during the Second World War, Hans Farmont took a stand for the integration and continuous development of Europe. He saw in the European idea an inexhaustible potential, which he was eager to see further strengthened after his passing. The headquarters of the foundation are located in Düsseldorf, Germany, while the organisation’s yacht is harboured in Turkey, where it was originally built.

What we stand for:

A united Europe and continued European integration

Peaceful coexistence within Europe

The coming together of young people with different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds

Hospitality, cultural diversity, and tolerance

Call for Applications

Applications are open to people in full-time education (academic or vocational) as well as young professionals whose main place of residence is in Europe. Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 25 years old.

Closing date for Applications: 21th of April 2024