We want to inspire people for a diverse and solidly united Europe

What we do


Unity can only be achieved if we bring people from Europe together and understand them as community. That is why we provide space for the necessary exchange between young people in Europe with our summer school on the foundation’s sailing boat.

Summer School Programme


Time to explore.

Together with our crew, the five participants per trip gather sailing experiences and explore the Greek islands around Rhodes and the Turkish coast.


Time to discuss.

Within the framework of assisted panels, the fellows are given the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas. The main topic of discourse for 2020 will be "Europe is lost".


Time to connect.

What does it mean to rely on each other and to set sail together? On our sailing boat you receive the opportunity to create a network and to put companionship in a limited space to the test.

Call for Applications

Applications are open to persons, who are in training (academic or operational) as well as young professionals whose main place of residence is in Europe. Participants must be between 18 and 25 years old.

New applications starting in spring 2023!

What our members say:

”Sailing is like European politics a question of trust and team effort. This summer school really enables a profound reflection of ones responsibilities for a better society.“

– Caro Froelich –

”Sailing between two borders, discussing Europe on the verge of Europe and when words couldn’t be found, we just contemplated silently the endless Horizon where each wave brought us further together.

– Petya Alabozova –

“What a great opportunity: Connecting with others. Having great discussions about current topics. And most important having a great time in the group in front an amazing backdrop. I am glad that I had possibility to be a part of the crew.”

- Jérôme Grewelding -