Konstantin Krause


Year of journey:

“Rarely in your time will you find the serenity and composure that lies within the cabins of the Marlene; as the Aegean passes you by, kept safe, dry and afloat, you begin to wonder what truly matters going forward.

The answer for me was that I command, with absolute authority, the ship of my own life; only I decide its mission and discipline and course, at my word waits every tool and sail, and the perseverance to sail me through hell’s own jaws the second I nod the direction to steer.”

Konstantin Krause

04/2019 – Specialisation “Legal History and Philosophy”
Historic and philosophical premises and appearances of the Law
10/2018 – Erasmus Programme
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia (GRE)
03/2018 – Enrolment in Honours Programme
University of Bonn (GER)
10/2015 – Enrolment in Law Studies (First State Exam)
University of Bonn, Northrhine-Westphalia (GER)
05/2015 – Abitur
Hennef Grammar School, Northrhine-Westphalia (GER)
06/2013 – GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education)
Bexhill High School, East Sussex (ENG)

I, throughout my life, firmly believed that being European means, above all, combining and sharing those core values of our national identities, rather than abstaining from them and attempting to cultivate common identity out of a vacuum. Freedom of movement within the EU is, as a participant in both the European Erasmus Programme and the Farmont Summer School, my specific privilege and prerogative, allowing me to reinforce and put that European identity to purpose. European privilege and possibility has shaped and continues to shape my experiences, and I will always remember fondly those gratifying and introspective days I spent aboard the Marlene.