Carina Knobloch


Year of journey:

“Europe is part of our daily life, and we are daily part of Europe. This is a privileg I often take as granted. Reflecting those along-going chances, meanings and feelings and at the same time experiencing a unique european adventure together with other young people with different backgrounds and stories was a very special, even eye-opening experience for me and helped me to understand a bit more why Europe is the way it is today and how it could look like tomorrow.”

Carina Konbloch

As the one and true mermaid of the “Marleen”, Carina of course enjoys freediving in all kind of waters – although the blue and clear Mediterranean Sea of course was a great place to jump in from the Farmont-Yacht. As a paramedic (Rettungssanitäter) and doctor-to-be she was also the medical contact person in all possible and impossible questions of life during our unique sailing trip around the Greek islands in July 2019.

Carina started her voluntary paramedic training during high school and still supports the local civil protection units as well as the medical task force. Furthermore she is part of the intarnational first assistence team of the ASB Germany. She kept her fascination of the medical field and chose to study Medicine at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. Happy to be able to combine the studys with her enthusiam to travel, she spent several medical trainings and an Erasmus-semester abroad, e.g. New Zealand, Seychelles, Australia and Budapest.
In her PhD she is doing academical research on environmental-toxicological questions about aspects of sun protection behaviour in an international setting.