7. Day – Panormitis – Turtle visits in a bay

🐢The first glimpse of today’s morning grasped us to the realization that the end of this journey is approaching. We opened our tired but mesmerized eyes at 6:30 and started the breakfast preparations. After that, we knew that the time for leaving the wonderful small island of Tilos had come. We started sailing and set sail for Panormitis. The wind was hugging us and the Marleen during the whole sailing journey. The strong sun and the warm wind were working together to make us feel one with the sea. The long sailing journey from Tilos to Panormitis was accompanied with discussions on various topics, games, and silence which was taking presence while overlooking the horizon over the blue Mediterean sea. And also, Abbas greeted Rasmus today.

Angelika was our captain today and made sure that we are arriving safely to Panormitis.

As we were approaching the bay, the light blue color of the water was becoming more and more present. While arriving to the harbour, we spotted a sea turtle which was very close to our boat but it went away after a short time. We came today in the other part of Symi, on different harbour from the one we were days ago. This is a small bay and it looked onto a big, beautiful wonderful Greek Monastery. Our captain Angelika made sure that we are positioned in the harbour which was the same different one as before. Milena introduced us to Karina, the floating unicorn and told us the secret history behind why they named her. 

As we arrived in Symi, we immediately dove into the water while some of us went diving to see the sea turtle again. 

We made sure to refresh with homemade frappés from Milena and after that we continued with a different part of the Personal Performance activity. We self reflected on many aspects of our personality, such as freedom, flexibility, routine, structure etc. As we finished this activity, we concluded how much we have been reflecting through this activity and how much it helped to re-meet ourselves and see what drives our decisons.

The strong sun started to fade away, we started our dinner preparations by Ben being our chef and his helpers. Dancing to Mamma Mia, he made sure that the spaghetti was well cooked and the vegetable souce is delicious. We also prepared some tasty salad and served it with love. As we started to eat and talk, the sun was setting the another day was coming to an end. The most beauiful part of the dinner was when Kayla surprised us with reading the poetry she wrote for this summer school. We were all touched and felt thankful. 

We finished the day by night swimming under the stars with Karina the unicorn and suddenly we saw Elon Musk’s fleet of satellites shooting across the sky.