6. Day – Tilos – Self-Reflection by the sea.

🇪🇺🐠We woke up slightly later than the days before and were welcomed by the most suppressing heat so far. 

Motivated by high school musical dishes were done in no time. 

Kicking off the day with some self reflection we created an Emotional Performance Profile discussing how emotional drivers like the desires for variety, dominance, external recognition, self recognition, balance or knowledge shape our behavior. 

Our session by the sea was accompanied by several snorkeling breaks causing Abbas first sunburn. Welcome to the club. 

After some snacks on the boat and a short power nap to recharge, the second half of the day began with the obligatory iced coffee before we dived into discussing Franzis topic: 

Whether we identify with a national and/or European identity. 

Especially the mix between European and non European experience ensparked a fruitful discussion, ending up reviewing the benefits of different cultural backgrounds and being part of the EU. 

To not give the sea separation anxiety Abbas, Ben and Kayla reassured it its importance through another visit. Delaying dinner by a wee bit. 

Looking back on the day in particular the excessive amount of colorful fish will remain a picture stuck in our heads. 

Calling it an early evening we discussed the deeper rules of Andreology and tryed to find different star constellations in the sky. Exhausted some of us fell asleep already on the deck.