8. Day – Rhodes – All roads lead to Rhodes

🏁After some early morning swimming and another hello from the turtle, we set off sailing to sadly return back to Rhodes. 

We probably scared away any sea life for miles as we played many strange singing and clapping games, and the final straw was Captain Andreas bringing out his guitar for a little show.

With good winds most of the way, we really enjoyed our last proper sail and helped with quite a few sailing tasks. 

By the time we got back, it was time to live our #BelowDeck crew lives and give Marleen a good scrub. When she looked all beautiful and new again, we had to say some goodbyes as Ben (why was he even here?) finally left. Our cute group hug betrayed our true emotions. Our next coffee chat felt strange with just the four of us remaining.

Off to our last dinner, we enjoyed some final overdosing on cheese and many dishes and then took a stroll around Rhodes old town. The day in a way is ending not on such a high note as we are starting to part ways, which makes us realise how special this experience has been.