Day 3 – Close the windows before we clean the boat.

We finished the second day with great music, dancing in the colourful streets of Symi. Next morning while, the majority of the group was still dreaming of the next adventures, Tobi started the day with a hike to discover a beautiful Symi sunrise.

During breakfast, we explored a Lithuanian specialty: Cucumbers with honey (tested and recommended by 2/3 of the group) 🍯🐝🥒

Today was finally the day to start our “Farmount Project”. We interviewed a local sponge shop owner to understand the inhabitants perspective on #tourism and #sustainability#staytuned

Now we are sitting together with a glass of cold Retsina wine and discussing the events of the day. We are interested in your opinion: How can we ensure a healthy environment with an ever growing tourism boom?

Quote of the day: The bright sponges are not always the best ones.