Day 2 – Wind strength 5 is the limit for sailing newbies

After our all time favorite German wake up song, we started the day at 6.30 with some fresh coffee and tea. Led by our #skipper team, we set sails towards #Symi. During the 5 hours trip, we learned some sailing basics (e.g., important #knots and unquestioned commands by the captain) but also how it feels to be on the ocean without any protraction from wind and sun. Thanks to some Port wine we shared with Rasmus, the weather god, we recovered quickly and were able to reach our “safe harbor” on time. 

After our adventurous trip, we went for a refreshing afternoon swim/snorkeling voyage. Only one thing was killing the island vibe: A huge cruise ship that was blowing thick black #smokein the air. This event led to an interesting discussion about environmental standards and #waste management across Europe. …

We finished the day with some nice with wine and local cuisine. 

Quote of the day: There might be a place for your boat … after 4.30.