Day 2: Rhodes

What about the current refugee crisis in Europe, what about European values, and what about Grünkohl?

Today did not exactly go as planned. After several hours at sea, our Pirates of the Caribbean fantasies turned into unexpected reality when our engine stopped working, and we were depending on our sails (and no wind). After the realization that Symi was out of reach, we had to turn around, and return to the harbor of Rhodes. After our Captain Sweet-tooth arranged for the necessary repairs, we set off for a quick dip in the Aegean sea before we relocated to a local café where we kicked off our discussion panel which focused on the current refugee crisis in Europe.

Being in Greece, where the refugee crisis is a pressing and current matter, this topic seemed even more important for us to discus and exchange ideas on today; Ideas such as how we can improve the current situation for the refugees in Europe, how we can strengthen the European values and how we can turn ideas into real action.

Tomorrow we will start the next attempt to reach the island of Symi. Wish us luck and good wind to reach our destination.