Day 1: Rhodes

Yesterday the second group of this year’s Farmont Summer School checked in on the Marleen and met as a crew for the first time.

After a lot of first impressions and a good night’s rest, we spent our day roaming the streets of the old and new town of Rhodes, using a break above the rooftops for our very first discussion. Focal point of the day’s activities was the question of what it means for us to be European. With seven full days of summer school still ahead of us, we also spoke about how we can make the best out of this experience and turn our many words into actions to leave our mark in Europe.

With different backgrounds and stories, we all bring our personal and unique parts to this crew. The next couple of days we will set sail for the first time, and travel to nearby islands, continuing our discussions on the past, present and future of Europe.

Until then, we kindly present our crew:
Michelle – Military girl and Meraklou of the Crew
Mara – Analyst of Austrian Affairs and Dancing Queen
Katha – Nautical Novelist and Navigator of the Brussels Bubble
Damian – Expert of European Economics and part-time Tripster
Kathi – High Seas Diplomat and Classy Classicist
Andreas – Captain Sweet-Tooth
Angelika – Maritime Mastermind
Milena – Director of our Odyssey