Day 3: Symi

With the engine working with us rather than against us, and our spirits uplifted by the power of Ximeromata, we finally reached our destination – the scenic island of Symi. Captain Sweet-Tooth brought us safely to the harbor, where we were welcomed by the impressive scenery of traditional Greek housefronts. After a quick dive at the local beach we were, however, once again reminded of the importance of yesterday´s discussion as we were met by the harsh reality of arriving refugees at the local police station. The contrast between our own privileged situation and the terrible and uncertain life circumstances of the refugees became painfully obvious.

All the more fitting was the debate we had shortly after about the question of how people of different backgrounds can be integrated into European society. Topics that came up during the discussion were the relation between culture and religion, the importance of language and the balance between utopian ideas and pragmatic compromise. 

Having enjoyed a significant amount of Symi shrimps, served by Asterix the Australian we ended an eventful day in the Aegean Sea. We are looking forward to an exhilarating journey tomorrow to the volcanic island of Nisyros. 

For that we need plenty of wind, so let’s hope that Rasmus enjoyed the port wine more than we did. Kalinychta from our crew!