Nadia Labadi


Year of journey:

“The Marleen is a place where thoughts do not get lost just because the official discussion rounds are over and where you can easily share and discuss your thoughts with interested and inspiring people. By the end of the 10 days your horizon will definitely be wider and that not only because you had a lot of time to watch the horizon on board.”

Nadia Labadi

I grew up in a suburb of Munich in a multicultural family. After I finished high school, I took a gap year to work, to travel to Great Britain and Jordan and to do an internship in a legal department of a big hospital in Munich. My next step leaded me to beautiful Freiburg i. Breisgau to study a bit of law and a lot of history and Scandinavian studies which I finished lately with a BA thesis about Fact-Finding-Missions after the First World War.

During my studies I was lucky to spent one year abroad in Tromsø/Norway which was an incredible experience not only because of the extreme nature but also the inspiring people from so many different countries that I met. Depending on the situation you can find me locked in my room with a huge cup of coffee, dressed in a onesie and writing an essay or a longer paper or somewhere outdoors for example hiking or skiing in the mountains.

As I especially love the balance of both situations the summer school of the Hans-Farmont-Stiftung was the perfect opportunity for me to combine my interests in one program.