Jérôme Grewelding


Year of journey:

“I still like to remember the great discussions, trips with the Marlene and super funny days and nights with all the members of the crew. Milena, Angelika and Andreas are a great team and made the summerschool of the Hans Farmont Stiftung a fantastic, unique experience. Thanks so much guys!”

Jérôme Grewelding

I am currently 27 years old and come from Neuss, Germany. Here I lived tilI I was 19 years old, did my Abitur and after that a one year voluntary service in a hospital, which was a fascinating experience.
I used the time to be clear about what I want to study and decided to go to Aachen study industrial engineering. lt was a very good, but also intense time and I am glad that I made it.

Before I started working, I decided to apply for the summer school of the Hans Farmont Stiftung. lt gave me a lot of input and food for thoughts, and I am very thankful for the amazing experience in such a great ambience.

Currently I am living in Greven, near Münster, Germany, and I am working for a big logistics service provider as a project manager. I really do like it here and I am very excited what great things the future might bring.