Claudius Laskawy


Year of journey:

“Looking back at the time on Marlene, it really challenged my views about Europe and I feel very lucky to have learned so much from our lively group discussions. I highly recommend to everyone with an open mind to apply for this program – it’s a great experience hosted by an amazing crew!”

Claudius Laskawy

Hi, my name is Claudius and I was born and raised in the northern German city of Hamburg. Besides being an enthusiastic sportsman and having played Handball for almost 15 years, I enjoy traveling to foreign countries, taking on extreme adventures, and exploring different cultures. After my apprenticeship as a shipbroker in Hamburg, I moved to Groningen for my bachelor studies in International Business and later on to Rotterdam for a master’s program in Business Information Management. Over the years, I furthermore took some breaks during my studies to work in a refugee project, study in Indonesia and intern in India, New York, and Hamburg. Today, I live in Hamburg working for an American open innovation platform and venture capital firm.