Day 7 – blessed by strong winds

Today we were blessed by strong #winds as Rasmus finally accepted our prayers and gifts. We sailed on wind power only almost through the whole journey from Tilos to Panormitis Bay in Symi. We were back in Symi but this time we were on a different part of the island. 

There was a slight change of duties on the board. Today our great captain Andreas and Angelika let us steer Marleen. Five captain candidates took their first step in the blue waters of the Aegean today. Marleen was kind enough to provide us with an enjoyable sail despite our lack of experience. She is the most easygoing sail boat in the universe. 

We were promised a beautiful bay and a #monastery but there was nothing on sight as we were getting Marleen ready to anchor. To our surprise, a right turn opened a whole new world and there it was the secluded bay with a monastery gracefully greeting us. 

As big foodies, we prepared something to eat and today’s menu included Franzi’s secret recipe; “Bruschetta a la Marleen”. It was a party with fresh tomatoes and balsamic sauce dancing in our tastebuds. 

There was a special task to be carried out before dinner. We continued the tradtion of trash picking in the shore hoping it won’t be needed in the future.

Quote of the day: “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”