8. Day – Time is up

This morning was an early one; we woke up at 6:20 am to collect #garbage. We filled 5 trash bags with plastic from the beaches of the bay we slept in last night, but it didn’t seem to make any difference considering the seemingly infinite amount of trash on the beaches. While collecting trash, we found a dead sea #turtle on the shore, surrounded by plastic waste. We can’t know for sure what caused the sea turtle’s death, but the image of a dead animal surrounded by plastic on the beach remains stuck in all of our minds. 
After our early morning beach cleanup, we began our long sail back to Rhodes, and we can thank Rasmus for giving us strong winds for fast sailing. (We gave him a double shot.) Today, of course on the last day of our trip, we felt the most secure helping out around the boat, and Sofia was even allowed to sail the ship for a while. We practiced our team work by folding the sails together and cleaning the boat once we arrived to Rhodes. As a welcome present into the bay, some Turkish neighbors offered us sushi prepared by their personal chef. To top off the trip and the night, we scoured Rhodes looking for a #piano for Taro to play, and we finally found one at a French bar.