Day Two: 36°53’23.6″N 27°18’10.9″E, Kos

7:00am Wakin’ up has never been that easy -why? Cause we had a long day of sailing ahead of us! #jk7amsucks

3:30pm “Marlene” (our sailing boat) almost reached its limits bending over in stormy waters …

5:00pm .. however, we arrived safely on the beautiful (and touristic) island of Kos where we’ll stay for the next two nights.

6:30pm Had an intense discussion about what it means to feel European and whether there is a European identity. Do you feel like a European citizen? Why/why not?

10:00pm Enjoyed dinner and a relaxed fade out on Marlene with guitar music and a couple of beers ( .. looks like we won’t get up at 7:00am tomorrow).