Day One: 36°37’08.8″N 27°50’15.6″E, Simi

07:00 Being woken up far too early by our big boss
08:00 Setting sail after a greek style breakfast and coffee
08:06 Apesing Rasmus, God of the Sea
09:00 sailing
10:00 sailing
11:00 still sailing
12:00 no wind, stuck on the boat and starting to wonder why we are here
13:00 learning basic knots and sailing know how – in case the
wind comes back 
14:00 motors on 
14:10 Simi in Sight 
14:16 Coast guards crossing our way 
14:17 Spotting several life vests on the rough coastline 
15:00 Everyone lost in thought
15:30 Sharing the same waters made us feel more connected to those
people and realizing the true challenges of Europe. This lead us to a
heated discussion about the future of Europe. 
18:30 In front of the local police station, multimillion dollar yacht
harbor of Simi: 
After talking to the local police, we find out that every week a boat
with refugees arriving from the Turkish coast with people, are
dropped off by human traffickers on the outskirts of island.
They are fleeing from life threatening circumstances or come in
search for a better life, many of them will soon be sent back.