Tobias Palmowski


Year of journey:

“Being a diverse team with various cultural backgrounds – on the Marleen we were one team. We helped sailing together, discussed our political views, prepared breakfast and did a little video project. This time on board reminded me, that – to me – the best way to bridge intercultural differences and different views, is to get to know each other while focusing on a common cause.”

Hey everyone, I am Tobi and was born and raised in the western German city Hagen. Having decided to study Economics in Mannheim and finally Public Policy for my masters in Berlin, I enjoy dicussing policy on national and international levels. Since I started my studies, I had several opportunities to go abroad, experience diverse cutures and meet inspiring people far from home. Doing an exchange semester in Tokyo and an internship in the German Embassy in Astana, I realized that while life, culture and political views can be extremely different, it is always possible to find common gound and common beliefs. During the last year, I did several internships in and around the public sector as well in consultancies and the parliament. For now, I am finshing my MPP at Hertie School and am exited for things to come after my studies.