Filippos Georgios Sarakis 


Year of journey:

 I was born and in Athens, Greece but I also have one side of my family that is German. Currently, I study Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the National Technical University of Athens. Apart from my studies, I am very active and I like to engage in many activities. I participate in local and international volunteering programs and festivals as well as in Erasmus+ Programs. Additionally, I co-host and co-produce my own podcast where we interview students all over Greece in order to offer some useful insight and information to prospective students. I love reading, writing, photography and music and I also do calisthenics. I would describe myself as a very passionate individual who is a visionary and motivated by curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge. 

“It is not often that one is struck by the force of intellectual rigor and swept away by the serenity of the seas and scenery at the same time. Yet, this is precisely what I had the fortune of experiencing during my time on board the Marleen. There is something about strangers being confined to a small space for the span of 10 days, that allows for the forging of long-lasting friendships and bonds of mutual appreciation. Conversations bloom and flourish under the moonlight. The wild and elusive blue of the Mediterranean seas fuels the imagination. And most of all, our common spirit for the future, is embodied by the boat we find ourselves on.”

Filippos Sarakis