6. Meeting – Creating a project plan

We finally met again one month after our 5-day online forum. In the last meeting, we decided that we would be working on a project together, but we still did not know what that project would be, so today we presented our ideas to each other. After exposing our thoughts, we ended up agreeing on exploring the concept of “European Identity”. Since we are all living in different places and will all have the opportunity to meet up in Greece next summer, we figured that we should use that to our advantage by working on this project all throughout the next 9 months. 

Seeing the variety of project ideas and discussing it within our team was impressive. Although we already went through a phase of intense brainstorming, it is now even more exciting to see how our project is getting more concrete. Creating a project plan will be the next stage in our project process. During our discussions every crew member shared an outline of his or her specific project idea, taking into account the goal and project set up. What I found most surprising and impressive is how similar our project intentions and ideas were. Many times the theme of finding the European identity was covered or showcasing the voices of marginalized population groups.