Two days ago we learned that a storm for sailors isn’t about thunders and lightnings, but a heavy and strong wind and today we had to finish our sailing trip, even though it was supposed to last for one more day. 

Coming back to Rhodes, to the place from which we started our trip, was in a way like coming back home – and coming back home always comes with summing things up. Our discussion today was mainly about wrapping things up in terms of how do we share all the information we have in order to make it at least able for everyone to be aware of the possibilities that exist. 

The discussion started with education and how education shapes us, but also how does it shape the way of thinking about not only life in general, but about values you cherish and share. However, different countries have different educational systems and the main question that pop up to us was how to bring more equality (and quality) into education in order to get more equality in the society we live in?

It seems that having an opportunity to chose and not have your educational path determined at a very young age is a privilege that often doesn’t have anything to do with the economical power of your country. For example, German educational system in a way determines your path already at the age of 10, while the situation in a post-socialist country such as Serbia has inherited at least one good thing from its socialist history and that is the system of making various educational paths available equally to everyone no matter of their place of birth, social status or parents’ background. At least in theory, because, of course, both of these examples are not strictly this way in practice and we cannot generalize, because there are always exceptions. 

Considering that changing the whole educational system of a country is first of all a political decision, and second it is extremely hard, our thoughts went more in a way of finding a way to have at least the information about good practices, summer schools, opportunities for internships, boarding schools, exchanges, scholarships, etc. no matter where you come from and the solution is to share those information, because, as stated above – sharing is caring. 

Not only it would be selfish to keep useful information only for yourself, but it would be a pity not to use a chance to do good for one person at least, or for a community, and at the end of the day maybe even for the whole world. 

So do not be lazy and do not be selfish – pass things on, share them, set an example, because you will, for sure, also get a lot in return. As we know now, storm isn’t always about lightning and thunders, it is sometimes about this vast of energy that can push you forward (if you are for example a sailor), so make your own stormes!

p.s. We promise you to get one logbook entry soon that will be devoted to links, websites, books, movies and all the other things we talked about here. 🙂