Hello Everybody, 

We are thrilled to be the third and final group for this unique experience sailing across the Mediterranean Sea. 

If you were wondering why a group of young enthusiasts have decided to spend 10 days together on a sailing yacht Marleen here is why:

We all have different backgrounds, different languages but are all united by our desire to share our views on the theme of this summer school: Utopia Europe. 

In the application, we all answered the question: what does it mean to feel European? We all felt the freedom to express this idea in different formats and all gave an answer in our unique ways: video, collage, poems, written essays. 

In April, we were all confirmed our participation and a ticket to discover ourselves and the interconnected European spirit.

This is us:

Kim (22), German, just graduated with a Social Policy Degree in Oxford University. Next big move for her is moving to Washington DC to work at the German Embassy.

‚I applied because I wanted to discuss European Issues drinking coffee on a boat instead of being in a conference room all suited up.‘

Tijana (26), Serbia, a playwright and a dramaturg, currently undertaking her PHD at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. She loves Pineapples. 

‚I always aim to get out of my comfort zone and being afraid of water, I felt that this was a great time to overcome my fears. Being from Serbia, I am constantly reminded that I live in Europe but I do not always feel I belong here.‘

Nadia (25), German, currently studying History in Freiburg University. The next step for her is writing her Bachelors thesis, until then, she is ready to enjoy the last bits of summer.

‚I love spending time outdoors, and this was the opportunity for me to spend time at sea combining outdoors and my passion for history in a free environment.‘

Pelumi (23), Spain, after moving around for a year, she finally knows her next destination. She will be starting a job at the Spanish Embassy in Brussels. 

 ‚I was inspired to apply because of the creative surrounding and reaching tangible conclusions that can be replicated in the real world after our trip.‘

Jonah (20), German, currently a medical student. He loves playing guitar and finds joy in making others happy. 

‚This summer school offers the chance to get surrounded by people with different mindsets and backgrounds.’

Lastly, we were inspired by the introduction talk from Milena, who explained the purpose and vision behind the Hans Farmont Summer school and why we are gathered here. 

We realize our privileges and opportunities we have access to, and hope that being in this location, at Rhodes, we reflect together on this, understanding how to deal with them and what we can do about it. 

P.S. We all love short hair (but not all of us are brave enough to have it…yet)