Day Six: 36°33’01.5″N 27°50’42.2″E, Panormitis

When – at some point – we might agree on a utopia for Europe, how can we make it a reality? Through reform or through transformation?

At a first glance, we perceived ourselves as a rather homogenous group, however with time we realized that every one of us has different areas of engagement in the implementation process towards a Utopia for Europe. 

Throughout the last few days, we realized how challenging it is to unite so many ideas and approaches to reach  real compromise. Discussing multiple ideas in a group of five, exemplified the challenges of reaching real agreements on European levels.

We agreed that having a tangible Utopia for Europa is crucial for steering reforms today. Despite the apparent unsolvable challenges that we are facing in rethinking the future, it is crucial to maintain and spread an optimistic attitude.

„Utopia lies at the Horizon. When I draw nearer, it retreat. No matter how far I go, I can never reach it. What, then, is the purpose of Utopia? It is to cause us to advance.“

– Eduardo Galeano –